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Schedule-7 List of Concurrent Powers of Federation and State

(Relating to clause (3) of Articles 57, Article 109, clause (4) of
Article 162, and Article 197)
List of Concurrent Powers of Federation and State

1.Civil and criminal procedure, evidence and oaths (legal recognition, public acts and records, and judicial proceedings)
2.Supply, distribution, price control, quality and monitoring of essential goods and services
3.Preventive  detention  for  reasons  connected  with  the  security  of  the country, prison and detention management, and maintenance of peace  and order
4.Transfer of accused persons, detainees and prisoners from one State to
another State
5.Laws relating to family affairs (marriage, transfer of property, divorce,
persons on the verge of extinction, orphan, adoption, succession and
joint family)
6.Acquisition, requisitioning of property and creation of right in property
7.Contracts, cooperatives, partnership and agency related matters
8.Matters relating to bankruptcy and insolvency
9.Drugs and pesticides
10.Planning, family planning and population management
11.Social security and employment, trade unions, settlement of industrial
disputes, labour rights and disputes related matters
12.Legal   profession,   auditing,   engineering,   medicines,   Ayurvedic
medicines, veterinary, Amchi and other professions
13.State  boundary  river,  waterways,  environment  protection,  biological
14.Matters related to means of communication
15.Industries and mines and physical infrastructures
16.Casino, lottery
17.Early preparedness for, rescue, relief and rehabilitation from, natural
and man made calamities
18.Tourism, water supply and sanitation
19.Motion pictures, cinema halls and sports
20.Insurance business operation and management
21.Poverty alleviation and industrialization
22.Scientific  research,  science  and  technology  and  human  resources
23.Utilization of forests, mountains, forest conservation areas and waters
stretching in inter-State form
24.Land policies and laws relating thereto
25.Employment and unemployment aid



Schedule-8 List of Local Level Power

(Relating to clause (4) of Article 57, clause (2) of Article 214, clause (2) of Article 221 and clause (1) of Article 226)

List of Local Level Power

1.Town police
2.Cooperative institutions
3.Operation of F.M.
4.Local  taxes  (wealth  tax,  house  rent  tax,  land  and  building registration fee, motor vehicle tax), service charge, fee, tourism fee, advertisement tax, business tax, land tax (land revenue), penalty, entertainment tax, land revenue collection
5.Management of the Local services
6.Collection of local statistics and records
7.Local level development plans and projects
8.Basic and secondary education
9.Basic health and sanitation
10.Local   market   management,environment   protection   and   bio-diversity
11.Local roads, rural roads, agro-roads, irrigation
12.Management of Village Assembly, Municipal Assembly, District Assembly, local courts, mediation and arbitration
Assembly, local courts, mediation and arbitration
13.Local records management
14.Distribution of house and land ownership certificates
15.Agriculture  and  animal  husbandry,  agro-products  management, animal health, cooperatives
animal health, cooperatives
16.Management of senior citizens, persons with disabilities and the
17.Collection of statistics of the unemployed
18.Management, operation and control of agricultural extension
19.Water supply, small hydropower projects, alternative energy
20.Disaster management
21.Protection of watersheds, wildlife, mines and minerals
22.Protection and development of languages, cultures and fine arts




Schedule-9 List of Concurrent Power of Federation, State and Local level

(Relating to clause (5) of Article 57, Article 109, clause (4) of Article 162, Article 197, clause (2) of Article 214, clause (2) of Article 221, and clause (1) of Article 226)
List of Concurrent Powers of Federation, State and Local Level

2.Education, health and newspapers
5.Services such as electricity, water supply, irrigation
6.Service  fee,  charge,  penalty and royalty from  natural  resources,
7.Forests, wildlife, birds, water uses, environment, ecology and bio-diversity
8.Mines and minerals
9.Disaster management
10.Social security and poverty alleviation
11.Personal events, births, deaths, marriages and statistics
12.Archaeology,  ancient monuments and museums
13.Landless squatters management
14.Royalty from natural resources
15.Motor vehicle permits