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3. Licence for Exhibition

3. Licence for Exhibition:

(1) A person intending to make any kind of exhibition in the Stadium shall submit an application in due process by
mentioning the clear details along with the following matters and  duration and time of exhibition also to the prescribed official prior to at  least 7 days of such exhibition.
(a) Whether it is to be exhibited with ticket or without ticket  for the enrichment of national health or cultural
promotion, or
(b) Whether it is to be exhibited to make useful the Nepali  stadium as an International Sports Competition Member;
(c) Whether it is to be exhibited for collection of income in the fund for public organization or social activity, or
(d) Whether it is to be exhibited as ticket show for enterprise or entertainment.

(2) The prescribed official in the case of submission of  application under sub-rule (1) may issue a licence in the format as prescribed in the schedule to the applicant by mentioning the matters  allowed to exhibit in the stadium, and duration and time thereof subject to rule 4.


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