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21. Functions, Duties and Power of the Secretary

21. Functions, Duties and Power of the Secretary:

In addition to the provision contained elsewhere in these Rules functions, duties and powers of the Secretary
shall be as following:
(a) To work as an administrative chief of the commission,
(b) To receive necessary documents from the concerned body required to appeal, application, and complaint submitted before the Commission or for other purpose,
(c) To inquire with the documents attach with the appeal, application and complaint,
(d) To execute or cause to execute the decision and order made by the commission.
(e) To correspond or cause to correspond on behalf of the commission, if any contact is to be made with public body.
(f) To cause to deposit the fees and amount collected by the Commission to the government fund.
(g) To submit the appeal, application and complaint before the Commission after necessary inquiry.
(h) To perform or cause to perform the promotional activities that has to be performed by the Commission.
(i) To carry out other functions related with or as prescribed by the commission.


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