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14. Daily and Travel Allowance

14. Daily and Travel Allowance:

(1) Chief Information Commissioner and Information Commissioner shall be provided daily and travel allowances, as follows for discharging their job related task within Nepal.
(a) Daily Allowance: Five hundred Rupees.
(b) Travel Allowance:
(2) If it requires night stay on travel pursuant to Sub-Rule (1) Chief Information Commissioner and Information Commissioner shall be provided at the maximum for Seven days not more than One Thousand Two Hundred Rupees
as per the invoice of hotel registered for the tax purpose.
(3) Chief Information Commissioner and Information Commissioner shall  be provided additional allowance for traveling in any remote district if that is so  provided under prevailing law.
(4) While traveling outside the Nepal, to participate in different ceremony,  festival, conference etc. on behalf of Government of Nepal or their job related task, Chief Information Commissioner and Information Commissioner shall be provided US$ 175 as daily and travel allowance.
Provided that, for having night stay other than Chennai, Hyderabad,  Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata of India and Dhaka and Chatagaun of Bangladesh only fifty percent of such amount shall be provided.

(5) While traveling outside Nepal pursuant to Sub-Rule (2), full allowance  shall be provided for the day of departure if so this Rule and in regards to the returning day from travel, half of the amount of the daily allowance entitled before returning day shall be provided.
(6) Notwithstanding anything contained in Sub-rule (2) Chief Information  Commissioner and Information Commissioner shall be provided US$ 25 per day as pocket expenses if the total cost of participation in ceremony, festival or conference is borne by the Foreign Government or Institution.


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