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9. Meeting and Decision of the Commission

9. Meeting and Decision of the Commission:

(1) Meeting of the Commission shall  be held as per necessity.
(2) The Secretary shall provide the date, time and agenda for discussion of meeting of the Commission to the Information Commissioner as per the  instruction of the Chief Information Commissioner,
(3) The quorum for the meeting of Commission shall be deemed to be  complied when Chief Information Commissioner and at least one Information Commissioner or two Information Commissioners are present on the meeting. In  case, there is a dissenting opinion (tie) in any matter to be decided in such  meeting, such matter shall be submitted in the next meeting in which the Chief  Commissioner or Commissioner who was not present earlier is present.
(4) The meeting of the Commission shall be chaired by the Chief Information Commissioner. In the absence of Chief Information Commissioner the  senior most Information Commissioner among the present Information
Commissioners shall chair the meeting and the Information Commissioner who, is  chairing the meeting may exercise the powers of the Chief Information  Commissioner.
(5) Opinion of the Majority Information Commissioner shall deem to be a  decision of the Commission.
(6) The Secretary shall authenticate and maintain the decision of the  Commission.
(7) The other procedures of the meeting of the Commission shall be as determined by the Commission itself


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