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Chapter -6

Chapter -6  Miscellaneous

43. Dishonest Acts :

In case any candidate commits or attempts to commit a dishonest act during the time of examination being conducted by the  Commission, the Commission may expel him/her from the examination.

44. Confidentiality :

All types of records relating to examinations to be  conducted by the Commission shall be confidential.

45. Cancellation of Examination and Advertisement:

(1) In case any   type of unwanted incident happens or any type of obstruction is caused in examination, the course of the Commission may cancel the  examination of that day upon stating the reasons thereof.
(2) In case any irregularity is committed in any examination, the  Commission may revoke the advertisement relating to it along with  reason thereof.

46. Inspection :

(1) In order to monitor whether or not the responsibility  entrusted by Commission is fulfilled, the Commission may inspect or cause to inspect the concerned bodies as may be necessary.
(2) While carrying out inspection pursuant to Sub-Rule (1),  the Commission may recommend to the Ministry for taking departmental action against the concerned employee if it is found that no acts and activities are taken as per the responsibility entrusted by the  Commission.

47. Experts service may be sought:

Commission may, subject to  the approved budgetary limits and having obtained approval of the  Ministry, seek services of experts on the matters relating to its function.

48. Remuneration may be Received from Commission :

A person appointed by the Commission or a member of the committee formed in  order to carry out the functions of the Commission may receive remuneration as approved by the Ministry of Finance.

49. Provisions Relating to Leaves :

(1) The Chairperson and member  shall be entitled to the facilities of leaves as the Gazetted special class
employee of Government of Nepal are entitled to.
(2) The Chairperson may approve his/her leave and deputation him/her self and members shall obtain approval of the Chairperson for leave and deputation.

50. Details to be made available :

The concerned bodies shall make available to the Commission the records or a particular as he  Commission has sought under the Act and these Rules.

51. Work performance evaluation forms to be made available:

In order for the promotion to be made on the basis of work performance evaluation, the concerned bodies shall make available to the Commission the personal details of probable candidates and work  performance evaluation forms.

52. To be as per these Rules:

On matters provided for in these Rules, it  shall be as per these Rules and on other matters, it shall be as per the
Education Rules, 2059.

53. Procedures to be Determined :

The Commission may determine  procedures, except provided for the these Rules, for making its  functioning systematic not being contrary to the Act and these Rules.

54. Guidelines may be issued:

In order to carry out its functions in a  smooth manner, the Commission may, subject to the Act and Rules,
issue necessary guidelines.

55. Repeal :

Rules 22, 23, 24, 25, 25A, 26, 27, 44, 49, 50, 51,52,A, 52B,  52C, 94 and Schedule, 5 of the Education Rules, 2059 (1992) are hereby  repealed.
(1) Words altered by the Teachers Services Commission (Second  Amendment) Rules, 2059 (2002) :–
“Teachers Services Commission” instead of ” National Teachers  Services Commission:
(2) Words altered by the Teachers Services Commission (Second Amendment) Rules, 2059 (2003) :–
“Education Rules, 2059″ instead of “Education Rules, 2049”

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