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5. Mode of obtaining license:

(1) Any person intending to obtain the license under this Act has to submit an application, accompanied by such fees and in such format as prescribed, to Government of Nepal or the authority specified by Government of Nepal; and Government of Nepal or any authority specified by Government of Nepal may, as per the case, issue the license in the prescribed format×………..

(2) The period of each license issued under Sub-section (1), procedures for its renewal and the fees for such renewal shall be as prescribed.

(3) If, except Government of Nepal, any other authority specified by Government of Nepal refuses to issue the license as requested in the application submitted pursuant to Sub-sections (1) and (2), the aggrieved party may, no later
than Thirty Five days from the date of receipt of such refusal order, file an appeal with Government of Nepal against that order; and in cases where such an appeal is filed, a decision made by Government of Nepal shall be final.