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2. Definitions:

Unless the subject or the context otherwise requires, in this Act,-
(a) “Radio machine” means the following machines used for receiving or
sending words, pictures or signals continuously through radio waves without wire connection:-
(1) All kinds of satellite, receiving systems including disc antennas,
(2) Following machines of frequency ranging from 30 kilohertz to 3000 gig hertz, falling under radio spectrum:-
(a) L.F., M.F., H.F., V.H.F., U.H.F., S.H.F., E.H.F. transmitter as well as communication means,
(b) Radio transmitter,
(c) Television transmitter,
(d) Wireless transmitter,
(e) Walkie-talkie,
(f) Cordless telephone,
(g) Video sender,
(h) Amateur radio,
(i) All kinds of satellite communication devices including inmasart,
(3) Cordless microphone,
(4) Radio control toys and models,
(5) Radio receiver, television receiver, video monitor, and
(6) Such machines as may be specified as the radio machine by
Government of Nepal, upon publishing a Notification in the Nepal gazette, from time to time.
(b) “Prescribed” or “as prescribed” means prescribed or as prescribed in the Rules framed under this Act.