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Schedule 7

Schedule 7
Relating to rule 43

I —— do solemnly swear in the name of God that I shall discharge the functions assigned
to me as ———- and those to be discharged by me pursuant to law honestly and to the
best of my be knowledge and wisdom being loyal to the country, Crown adds duty m
without fear, partiality or enmity and being free from geed, avarice and favor. I shall not
disclose any matter related with debt recovery known to me in the cause of discharging
may duties to any authorized person directly or indirectly in any case whether I hole or
case to hold office, except cases where such disclosure is required by law.
Signature ———————-
Name —————————
Address —————————
Date —————————-
Person certifying that it is true that oath has been takenSignature
Name —————————
Designation —————————
Date —————————-


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