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Chapter -4

Chapter -4 Provisions Relating to Decision
16. Period for decision: After a case has become matured upon examination of the required evidence by the tribunal from the petitioner or defendant, the tribunal has to decide the case no later than fifteen days from the date of its maturity for decision, subject to the period of time specified on Section 17 of the Act.

17. Format of decision and order: Any decision to be made by the tribunal shall be in the format referred to in Schedule-3 and other order in the format refer to in Schedule-4.

18. Prohibition alteration in decision or order: Any decision or order already signed by the members has not to be altered in any other manner except correction of minor grammatical and typo error.

19. Execution of Decision:

(1) After the tribunal has made a decision, and issue an order to the Debt Recovery Officer for implementation of that decision pursuant to Section-21 of Act, that decision has to be executed within the period indicated in
that order .
(2) If the Debt Recovery Officer be in need in the course of execution of a decision pursuant to Sub-rule (1), he/she may seek assistance of the local administration and police. If assistance is so sought by the Debt Recovery Officer,
the local administration and police have to render assistance to the officer.

20. Execution of compromise:

(1) If it has been so decided by the tribunal or Appellate Tribunal under Sub-section (1) of Section 20 of the Act, tat compromise can be made; the concerned parties have to execute the compromise on their own.
(2) If the tribunal or Appellate Tribunal has issued an order to the Debt Recovery Officer pursuant to Sub-section (3) of Section 20 of the Act, because of failure of one party to execute the compromise pursuant to Sub-rule (1), he/she has cause to execute the compromise.
(3) The procedures for the execution of compromise pursuant to Sub-rule (2) shall be the same as the procedures for implementation of the decision made by the tribunal or Appellate Tribunal.

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