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7. The Duration and Renewal of License

7. The Duration and Renewal of License :

(1) The duration of the license shall be for five years.
(2) The person desiring renew the license shall renew the license by paying Ten Thousand Rupees fee, prior to the end of the duration of the license.
(3) If someone desires to renew the license after the completion of the duration pursuant to sub rule (2), may renew the license by paying the additional renewal fee as follows:–
4 (a) For the first three months, Twenty Five percent of  the renewal fee,

5 (b) For the three months from the date of expiry of the duration pursuant to clause (a), Fifty percent of
renewal fee.
(4) If someone has not renewed the license within the duration pursuant to sub rule (3), such license shall be ipso facto void.
6 (5) Not withstanding anything contained anywhere in this rule, a license holding person who has been unable to renew the license upto the date of commencement of this sub rule, if desires to renew such license he/she shall submit an application to the Ministry within the six months of commencement of this sub rule.
7 (6) If the application pursuant to sub rule (5) has been received, the Ministry may renew the license for once by taking the double fee for each year for which the renewal has not been made, at the rate of the fee that has to be taken pursuant to part (b) of sub rule 3.


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