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4.11 Fund Operation Committee:

4.11 Fund Operation Committee:

4.11.1.In order to operate the fund for the purpose of Sub-rule 4.10.3 of Rule 4.10 there shall be a Fund Operation Committee comprising as follows :- Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation – Chairperson Director General, Department – Member Representative, Ministry of Finance – Member Representative, Central Teaching Department of Culture and  Archaeology, Tribhuvan University – Member A person nominated by Government  of Nepal from amongest the persons
involved in non- governmental organizations working in the field of conservation of ancient monuments – Member
4.11.2.The tenure of the office of the person nominated in accordance with Sub- rule shall be for One year. He/she may be renominated for another one term.
4.11.3The amount of the fund shall be deposited in any commercial bank by opening an account as prescribed by the Fund Operation Committee. Such account shall be operated by Joint signature of,  the Director General of the Department and an officer of the Department as prescribed by the Fund Operation Committee.

4.11.4 The Department may designate any officer to carry-out the work of the secretary of the Fund Operation Committee.

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