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4.1 Approval of the Department has to be obtained

4.1 Approval of the Department has to be obtained:
4.1.1 Any person or Association willing to install telephone and electricity, to dig the land for drinking water and sewerage, to construct and repair the road, 9 … … …………, to celebrate festival and fare, to conduct musical dance programme or to park vehicles or to place poster or photograph pursuant to Sub-section (5) of Section 3 of the Act, shall have to submit an application to the Department, for its approval in a format as prescribed in

4.1.2 If an application pursuant to Sub-rule 4.1.1 is filed, the Chief Archaeological officer shall, upon conducting necessary investigation on the matter, owing to the construction work pursuant to Sub-rule 4.1.1 does not hamper to the monuments conserved zone, provide approval for such work in a format as prescribed in Schedule-2.


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