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2. Definitions

2. Definitions:

In this Act, Unless the subject or context otherwise requires:,
(a) “Animal” means castrated or castrated goat, sheep, Himalayan goat (Chyangra), pig, wild pig, he buffalo or rabbit the females of buffalo, goat sheep, Himalayan goat, pig, or rabbit which are fit for meat other than a cow, an ox a bull, and this word also includes poultry, ducks, pigeon or other species of beasts and birds kept for meat purpose.
(b) “Meat” means meat of animals which is fit for human consumption.
(c) “Meat Inspector” means the Meat Inspector appointed or designated under Section 6.
(d) “Meat Supervisor” means the Meat Supervisor designated under Section7.
(e) “Slaughterhouse” means the house or place where animals are slaughtered for meat purpose.
(f) “Meat Seller” means a person who sells meat professionally.
(g) “Prescribed” or “As Prescribed” means prescribed or as prescribed in the Rules framed under this Act.


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