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Chapter- 3

Chapter- 3 Research and Control of Drugs
5. Department of Drug Administration :

(1) Government of Nepal shall establish a Department of Drug Administration for the implementation of the objectives of this Act.
(2) The Department established pursuant to Sub-section (1) shall carry out all the functions related with the control of drugs under this Act and the Rules framed there under.

♣ Amended by the First Amendment.

6. Drug Research Laboratory and Other Laboratories :

(1) The Drug  Research Laboratory established by Government of Nepal shall be the principal
body of Government of Nepal to perform scientific research, testing and analysis of drugs.
♦ (1a)The procedures to be followed by the Royal Drug Research Laboratory established pursuant to Sub-section (1) in performing scientific research, testing and analysis of drugs shall be as prescribed.
(2) Any native or foreign person or institution may, with the approval of Government of Nepal , establish any other research centre or laboratory for the scientific research and development of any drugs.


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