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Chapter – 6

Chapter – 6 Miscellaneous
19. May seek Recommendation or Consultation of the Board:

(1) If a person applies to the concerned authority for permission to run any profession related to tourism, such authority may ask for the recommendation or suggestions of the Board prior to giving permission.
(2) When a person applies to the concerned authority for permission to run a hotel, such authority may ask for the recommendation and suggestion of the Board prior to giving   permission for establishing or running a hotel.

20. The Government of Nepal may Provide Grant:

(1) The Government of Nepal may provide the amount required to the Board as grant.
(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in Sub-section (1), the Government of Nepal shall not be obliged to provide grant amount to the Board if there exist sufficient grounds to believe that
the Board itself has become economically capable to carryout its programs.

21. Annual Report:

(1) The Chief Executive Officer shall have to Submit an annual report of the activities of the Board to the Committee within three months of the date of expiry of the fiscal year and shall make available a copy thereof to the Government of Nepal as well.
(2) The Chief Executive Officer shall make public the annual report of The Board mentioned in Sub-section (1).

22. Delegation of Powers:

(1) The committee may delegate some or all out of its powers to any member, Sub-committee or Chief Executive Officer as per necessity.
(2) The Chief Executive Officer may delegate some or all out of his/her powers to any officer level employee of the Board as per necessity.

23. Meeting Allowance:

The member shall receive meeting allowance as prescribed for taking part in the meeting of the committee.

24. Liaison with the Government of Nepal:

To the Board, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, the Government of Nepal, shall liaison
with the Government of Nepal.

25. Power to make Rules and Regulations:

(1) The Board may frame necessary Rules for the implementation of the objectives of this Act
and such Rules shall come into force after the approval of the Government of Nepal.
(2) Subject to the Act and Rules made there under, the Board  may make necessary Bye-laws to carryout its activities.


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