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Chapter-4 Provision concerning to Chief Executive Officer and Employees
14. Appointment of the Chief Executive Officer:

(1) The committee shall appoint a person with ten years experience in the tourism sector
after having obtained at least a Master Degree in the post of the Chief Executive Officer of the Board to run the day-to-day activities of the Board as an administrative chief.
(2) The tenure of the Chief Executive Officer shall be of four years and may be re-appointed for up to four years.
(3) The remuneration, facilities and terms and conditions of the service of the Chief Executive Officer appointed under Sub- section (1) shall be as prescribed.
(4) Notwithstanding anything contained in foregoing Sub- sections of this Section, the committee may remove the Chief Executive Officer from his/her post, following the process as  prescribed by the committee if he/she has acted against the interest of the Board by causing loss to the Board or has not performed his/her duties according to the policy and direction of the committee.
Provided that, Chief Executive Officer shall be given appropriate opportunity to furnish clarification in his/her favor before removing him/her from the post.

15. The Functions, Powers and Duties of the Chief Executive Officer:
(1) The functions, powers and duties of the Chief Executive Officer shall be as follows:
(a) To execute and cause to be executed the decisions and directions of the committee.
(b) To prepare or cause to be prepared long-term and short- term plan, annual program and budget of the Board.
(c) To execute or cause to be executed the plans and programs approved by the Committee.
(d) To appoint employees necessary for the Board as prescribed.
(e) To convene the meeting of the Committee as directed by the Chairperson.
(f) To work being responsible to the committee.
(g) To perform other necessary activities as the Chief Administrator of the Board to achieve the objectives of the Board.
(2) The other functions, powers and duties other than set- forth in Sub-section (1) shall be as prescribed.

16. Provisions Concerning Employees:

(1) In order to run the activities of the Board smoothly, the Chief Executive Officer may appoint
necessary advisor, officer and other employees as prescribed.
(2) The remuneration, facilities and other terms and conditions of the service of the advisor, officer and other employees appointed pursuant to Sub-section (1) shall be as prescribed.
(3) The employees of the Board, appointed pursuant to Sub- section (1), shall carry out work being responsible to the Committee and the Chief Executive Officer.


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