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Schedule-1 (Relating to Clause (b) of Rule 2)

Schedule-1 (Relating to Clause (b) of Rule 2)

Method of disinfection While disinfecting, any of the following chemical or physical methods shall be
applied considering upon the nature of the material to be disinfected:
1. Lime- 20 percent solution into water
2. Sodium Carbonate – 2 to 8 per cent solution into water
3. Sodium Hydrochloride- 1-5 per cent solution into water It may be used having mixed with 5 per cent solution of lime, if necessary.
4. Phenolic acid- 3-5 per cent solution into water.
5. Solution of mixture of phenolic acid and sulpheric acid- solution of the mixture or fifty millimeter into one liter of water.
6. Formalin- liquid of 40 per cent of formalin into water for the solution of 5 per cent.
7. Sodium hypochlorite- solution of 1-3 per cent into water.
8. Ultra violet light-continuous use for 2 hours in minimum.
9. Fire heat – use of blow lump.

N.B. Other available products of disinfection may also be used as per solution


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