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6. Period for Keeping in Quarantine:

6. Period for Keeping in Quarantine:

(1) The Quarantine Officer shall, if an updated and authenticated certificate of vaccination carried out in the country
from which the animal is imported against the disease existed in Nepal has been submitted, keep the animal in quarantine, and he may release such animal if it is found healthy upon having ascertained and examined the identification symbol in accordance with the certificate.

(2) If it could not be ascertained pursuant to Sub-rule (1), or if the animal is not found to be healthy or if the animal is imported without authenticated certificate of vaccination, such an anima shall be kept in the  quarantine spot.

(3) While keeping any animal in quarantine pursuant to Sub-rule (2), it shall be kept for the following duration for the following diseases, for the duration as prescribed by Government of Nepal in a Notification published in
the Nepal Gazette:

(a) Rinderpest -21 days
(b) Foot and Mouth Disease -21 days
(c) Pestes des petits Ruminants -21 days
(d) Lumpy Skin Disease -21 days
(e) Sheep pox and Goat pox -21 days
(f) Blue Tongue -40 days
(g) African Swine Fever -40 days
(h) Classical Swine Fever -40 days
(i) African Horse sickness -40 days
(j) Vesicular Stomatitis -21 days
(k) Swine vesicular Disease -28 days
(l) Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia – 6 months
(m) Rift Valley Fever -30 days
(n) Fowl Plague -21 days
(o) New Castle Disease -21 day

(4)While prescribing the duration for keeping in the quarantine in connection with the diseases other than those referred to in Sub-rule (3), the  duration shall be prescribed so as to matching the incubation period after the
entry of biological pathogen into the body.

(5) The animals having completed the quarantine duration prescribed under this Rule shall be released by the Quarantine Officer having vaccinated them against the infectious diseases prescribed by a public notification from
time to time. The expenditures incurred in carrying out such vaccination shall be borne by the concerned Importer.

(6) If the Quarantine Officer deems the imported products of animal origin or livestock product materials appropriate upon an examination, he may release them.

(7) The importer shall have to take back the animals, the products of animal origin or livestock product materials within three days from the date of issuance of the Quarantine Certificate or o completion of the examination The
Quarantine in the said duration, confiscate them.

(8) No dead animal feed, litter, dung and urine or the matters relating to animal or excreted from animal shall be carried outside the quarantine spot without the written order of the Quarantine Officer.


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