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3. Establishment of Quarantine Check Post

3. Establishment of Quarantine Check Post:

(1) The Quarantine Check Post  shall be established pursuant to Section 3 of the Act in the following places:

(a) The International point for export and import of animal,  product materials;

(b) International airport;

(c) The point of more transportation of animal, products of animal origin or Livestock product materials.

2. The following provisions shall be made in the Check post to be established pursuant to Sub-rule (1):

(a) Provision of separate entry and exit gates for the movement of animals;

(b) Provision of easy system of sanitation and disinfection of the house and shed to be used for quarantine;

(c) Provision of platform for loading and unloading of the animals and product of animal origin to be carried by
various types of vehicles.


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