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2. Definition

2. Definition:

Unless the subject or context otherwise requires, in these Rules,-
(a) “Act” means the Animal Health and Livestock Services Act, 2055 (1999)
(b) “Disinfection” means the process whereby the infectious element in any matter is destroyed by the chemical or physical device referred to in Schedule (1).
(c) “Cold Store” means the Place to keep the product of animal origin, biological products or livestock product materials in the suitable temperature from technical point of view in order to avoid the deterioration in their standards.
(d) “Authentic Certificate” means the certificate relating to animal health authenticated by the Animal Quarantine Officer or Veterinary Officer of the concerned country
(e) “Quarantine Certificate” means the certificate to be issued by a Quarantine Officer having followed the quarantine procedures relating to the animal, products of animal origin or livestock product materials to
be imported into the Kingdom of Nepal.
(f) “Biological protection” means the measures taken by any animal firm in order to prevent the infection that is likely to be caused inside the farm from the outer environment.


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