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8. Validity and efficacy of contract and complaint and adjudgment regarding jurisdiction of arbitrator

8. Validity and efficacy of contract and complaint and  adjudgment regarding jurisdiction of arbitrator:

(1) The partynot satisfying with the decision of the arbitrator pursuant to Section 16 sub-section (1) of the Act shall mention following aspects while submitting application in Appellate Court pursuant to sub-section (2) of
the same section:

(a) Name, surname and address of complainant and respondent, place of transaction and other description that ease issuance of notice,

(b) Name, surname, address of arbitrator and location of office,

(c) Brief of agreement,

(d) What is the issue raised among jurisdiction of arbitrator or validity or efficacy of contract and basis and evidence of the same,

(e) Intended remedy,

(f) That attested copy of decision rendered pursuant to section 16 sub-sections (1) of the Act and agreement are attached.

(2) If it appears that the decision of arbitrator can be altered in course of preliminary hearing of complaint filed pursuant to sub-rule (1), a memorandum to that effect shall be executed and order shall be issued
for the presence of respondent providing reasonable time specifying date for hearing.

(3) If the parties are present on the date specified by the Appellate Court pursuant to sub-rule (2), the court shall adjudge the application hearing their statement and evaluating available evidences generally within 30 days from the submission of application by and inform the arbitrator about it.


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