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6. Roster of arbitrators to be maintained

6. Roster of arbitrators to be maintained:

(1) For the purpose ofappointing arbitrator, every year, Registrar shall prepare a roster of persons of different sector being qualified, experienced and appropriate to be arbitrator with their description including their name, surname,
telephone, fax, email, address, occupation, educational qualification and area of specialization.

(2) Preparing roster pursuant to sub-rule (1) of persons to be arbitrator, assistance can be taken from any commercial, technical, industrial enterprise and organization relating to job and function of mediator within or out of its jurisdiction in Nepal.

(3) Any person may apply for inclusion of his/her name in the roster pursuant to sub-rule (1). If the applicant is found qualified to be arbitrator his/her name may be included in the roster of the persons being arbitrator

(4) Roster with description prepared by Registrar pursuant to subrule (1) shall be submitted in full court of appellate court. Such roster deemed to be finally prepared upon the acceptance of such full court. Such roster shall be sent to Supreme Court for record.

(5) While accepting roster of persons being arbitrator pursuant to sub-rule (4) qualification, experience, character, impartiality, honesty and reputation of such person shall be taken in consideration.


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