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1. Short Title and Commencement:

(1) This Act shall be called the “National Human Rights Commission Act, 2068.”
(2) This Act shall come into immediately.
2. Definition: Unless the subject or context otherwise requires, in this Act:-
a) “Chairperson” means the Chairperson of the Commission.
b) “Commission” means the National Human Rights Commission established in accordance with Article 131 of the Constitution.
c) “Complaint” means a petition or complaint regarding the violation of human rights or abetment thereof submitted to the Commission and the term also includes the information received by the Commission on the matter through any other¬† source.
d) “Employee” means an employee of the Commission.
e) “Prescribed” or “as prescribed” means prescribed or as prescribed in the Rules formulated under this Act.
f) “Human Rights” means rights related to life, liberty, equality and dignity of a person provided by the Constitution and other
prevailing laws and this term also includes the rights contained in the international treaties regarding human rights to which Nepal is a party.
g) “Secretary” means the Secretary of the Commission.
h) “Member” means a member of the Commission and this term also includes the Chairperson,
i) “Constitution” means the Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063 (2007)


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