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Chapter-5 Provisions Relating to Digital Signature and Certificates
30. Certifying Authority may issue a Certificate : Only a licensed or recognized Certifying Authority under this Act may issue a Digital Signature

31. Apply to obtain a Certifi cate:

(1) Any person desirous to obtain Digital Signature Certificate may apply to the Certifying Authority in such a format  along with such fee and other statements as prescribed.
(2) On receipt of an application under Sub-section (1), the Certifying Authority shall have to decide whether to issue or not a certificate to the
applicant within one month of such application so received.
(3) The Certifying Authority shall, if it decides to issue a certificate under Sub-section (2), issue a Digital Signature Certificate within seven days affixing his signature in a prescribed format with the inclusion of such statements as prescribe and if it decides to reject to issue such certificate, the  applicant shall be notified the reasons for rejection within seven days.

32. Certificate may be suspended :

(1) Certifying Authority may suspend the Certificate in following circumstances:
(d) If the subscriber obtaining the certificate or any person authorized to act on behalf of such a subscriber, requests to
suspend the certificate.
(e) If it is found necessary to suspend the certificate that contravenes public interest as prescribed.
(f) If it is found that significant loss might be caused to those persons who depend on the certificate by the reason that provisions of this Act or the Rules framed hereunder were not followed at the time of issuance of the certificate, and if  the controller instructs to suspend the certificate having
specified the above ground.
(2) Grounds and procedures for suspension and release of the suspended certificates shall be as prescribed.

33. Certificate may be revoked :

1) The Controller or the Certifying Authority may revoke a Certificate in following conditions:
(g) Where the subscriber or any other person authorized by him requests to revoke a certificate,
(h) If it is necessary to revoke in a certificate that contravenes the public interest as prescribed,
(i) Upon the death of the subscriber,
(j) Upon the insolvency, winding up or dissolution of the company or corporate body under the prevailing laws,
where the subscriber is a company or a corporate body.
(k) If it is proved that a requirement for issuance of the Certificate was not satisfied.
(l) If a material fact represented in the certificate is proved to  be false.
(m) If a key used to generate key pair or security system was compromised in a manner that affects materially the
Certificate’s reliability.
(2) The procedures to be followed by the Controller or Certifying Authority with respect to revocation of a Certificate shall be as prescribed.

34. Notice of Suspension or Revocation :

(1) Where a Certificate is suspended or revoked under sections 32 or 33, the Certifying Authority or the Controller, as the case may be, shall publish a public notice thereof maintaining its record in their repository.
(2) It shall be the responsibility of the Certifying Authority or the Controller, as the case may be, to communicate the subscribers as soon as
possible on suspension or revocation Certificates