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The Electronic Transactions Act, 2063 (2008)

The Electronic Transactions Act, 2063 (2008)
Date of Authentication and Publication
22 Mansir 2063 ( december 8, 2006)
Act number 27 of the year 2063
An Act promulgated for Electronic Transactions
WHEREAS, it is expedient to make, legal provisions for authentication and regularization of the recognition, validity, integrity and reliability of generation,
production, processing, storage, communication and transmission system of electronic records by making the transactions to be carried out by means of electronic data exchange or by any other means of electronic communications, reliable and secured; And where as, for controlling the acts of unauthorized use of electronic records or of making alteration in such records through the illegal manner, Now, therefore, be it enacted by the House of Representatives in the First Year of the
issuance of the Proclamation of the House of Representatives, 2063(2007).