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Chapter-3 Remuneration and Compensation
11. 15 Minimum Remuneration Fixation Committee : (1) There shall be formed a Minimum Remuneration Fixation Committee consisting of the following members, in order to make recommendation to the Government of Nepal as to the fixation of the minimum remuneration to which working journalists are entitled and the review of such
remuneration as required:
(a) A person appointed by the Government of Nepal from amongst the persons who have rendered an
outstanding contribution to the field -Chairperson of communication
(b) Representative (Gazetted First Class), Ministry of Information and Communication -Member
(c) Representative (Gazetted First Class), Ministry of Labour and Transport Management -Member
(d) Chairperson of Nepal Journalists  Federation -Member
(e) Three persons so designated by Nepal Journalists’ Federation from amongst the working journalists as
to consist of at least one woman -Member
(f) Three persons nominated by the Government of Nepal from amongst the Managers -Member
(g) One person nominated by the Government of Nepal from amongst the employees or workers -Member
(h) One person nominated by the Government of Nepal from amongst the labour and finance experts -Member
(i) Press Registrar -Member secretaryp
(2) The term of office of the chairperson and nominated members of the Committee shall be Two years.
(3) The functions, duties and powers of the Committee, in addition to those set forth in the Act, shall be as prescribed.
(4) The Rules of procedures of the meeting of the Committee shall be as determined by the Committee itself.
11A. 16 Power of the Government of Nepal to fix minimum remuneration : Notwithstanding anything contained in Section 11, if for any reason, the Committee is not able to fix the minimum remuneration of working journalists and recommend it to the Government of Nepal, the Government of Nepal itself may fix the  minimum remuneration of working journalists.
12. Entitlement to remuneration and allowance :

(1) A working journalist shall be entitled to a monthly remuneration in consideration for his or her work in a communication enterprise.
(2) A working journalist shall get such remuneration and allowance as already earned by him or her even when he or she is relieved of the service of the communication enterprise in any manner.
(3) No monthly remuneration of a working journalist shall be deducted except in accordance with this Act or the Rules framed under this Act.
(4) No monthly remuneration of a working journalist shall be withheld while he or she is on leave.
13. Annual grade : After completing One years of service period, each working journalist shall get one annul grade (increment in salary) as prescribed.
14. 17 Provisions relating to treatment and compensation : If, in the course of discharging the business of a communication enterprise, a working journalist suffers injuries or grievous hurt (amputation) or dies
or his or her personal property is destroyed, the working journalist or the person as referred to in Section 16 shall get such treatment expenses or  compensation as prescribed from the concerned communication  enterprise.
15. Restriction on deduction of remuneration : (1) No remuneration of a working journalist shall be deducted on any condition other than the following condition:
(a) Where imposed fine has to be deducted;
(b) Where deduction has to be made for non-attendance;
(c) Where deduction has to be made for any loss caused to the communication enterprise from any act done
knowingly or recklessly;
(d) Where deduction has to be made for any advance so given earlier as to be deducted from remuneration;
(e) Where deduction has to be made for any amount to be paid or borne pursuant to an order of a
government office or a court;
(f) Where deduction has to be made for such income tax
or other tax leviable pursuant to the laws in force; or
(g) Where deduction has to be made for any such amount as may be prescribed.
(2) The ceiling of amount to be deducted pursuant to Sub-section
(1), the manner and period of deduction and other related matters shall be as prescribed.

16. Entitlement to remaining amount :

(1) If there is any amount due  and payable by a communication enterprise to any working journalist who has retired from the service of communication enterprise or has died while in service and is entitled to such amount pursuant to this Act or the  Rules framed under this Act, the working journalist himself or herself or a person nominated by him or she shall be entitled to such amount.
(2) If no one is nominated by the working journalist to receive amount as referred to in Sub-section (1), his or her nearest heir of the family shall be entitled to such amount


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