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Chapter-2 Appointment, Security of Service and Working Hours
3. 10 Classification of posts :

(1) The Manager shall classify the posts of working journalists and hierarchy of such posts according to the nature
of business of the communication enterprise.
(2) In making hierarchical classification of posts pursuant to Sub- section (1), the Manager shall do so as determined by the Committee.
(3) After the classification of posts and hierarchy of such posts pursuant to Sub-section (1), the Manager shall supply a description also containing the qualification, experience, functions, duties and powers and responsibilities required for and attached to such posts to the Press Registrar.
3A. 11 Not to engage in work without making appointment : No Manager shall engage any person in the functions of the post of working journalist without making appointment pursuant to this Act.
4. 12 Posts to be filled by open competition : (1) After supplying the details as referred to in Sub-section (3) of Section 3 to the Press Registrar, the Manager shall fill the posts of working journalists required for the communication enterprise by making selection through open competition, in accordance with the prescribed procedures.
(2) The Manager shall issue appointment letters to the persons selected through open competition pursuant to Sub-section (1), within the prescribed period.
5. 13 Appointment on contract basis : (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in Section 4, if it is required to obtain the expertise service of any person for the communication enterprise, the Manager may, with the approval of the Press Registrar, appoint such a person to the post of working journalist on the contract basis, specifying a specific period of  time.
(2) In making appointments on the contract basis pursuant to Sub- section (1), such appointments may be made only up to Fifteen percent of the total number of working journalists engaged in the concerned communication enterprise.
(3) The functions to be performed, remuneration to be obtained by, and term of service and other conditions of service and facilities of the person appointed on the contract basis shall be as set forth in the contract.
(4) Notwithstanding anything contained in Sub-section (3), the remuneration, provident fund and other facilities of working journalists appointed on the contract basis shall not be less than the remuneration, provident and other facilities to which the working journalists engaged   in the same posts or levels in the communication enterprise.
5A. 14 Information of appointment to be given : (1) After any person is appointed to the post of working journalist pursuant to Section 4 or 5, the Manager shall give information thereof to the Press Registrar.
(2) The Press Registrar shall update the information received pursuant to Sub-section (1).
6. To remain on probation period : In making a fresh permanent appointment as a working journalist, he or she shall be so appointed as required to undergo a probation period of Six months. If his or her performance is not satisfactory during that period, his or her appointment may be voided.
7. Retention of lien : The working journalist shall continue to have lien over his or her post in the following circumstances:
(a) As long as he or she continues to function in that post;
(b) While he or she is on leave;
(c) While being deputed elsewhere by the management; or
(d) While he or she is under suspension ;

8. Security of service : The service of any working journalist may not be terminated without fulfilling the procedures set forth in this Act or the Rules framed under this Act.
9. Working hours : (1) The working hours of a working journalist shall be as specified by the management subject to Sub-section (2).
(2) The time of work to be done by a working journalist in a week shall not exceed forty eight hours, and he or she shall get one day of weekly leave by rotation in each week.
(3) If any working journalist is engaged in work for more time  than that specified pursuant to Sub-section (2), such additional facility as prescribed shall be provided to him or her.
10. Provisions relating to attendance and leave : (1) Every Manager shall maintain an attendance register of working journalists working in the communication enterprise.
(2) Every working journalist shall regularly appear in his or her office or site of work and perform his or her job in the time specified by the Manager.
(3) The public holiday, casual and festival leave, sick leave, home leave, maternity leave, obsequies leave and leave without pay to which the working journalists are entitled shall be as prescribed.


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