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12. Ticket to be purchased to travel by train or transport goods by train

12. Ticket to be purchased to travel by train or transport goods by train :

(1) While getting in, travelling or transporting goods by, a train, a person has to travel or transport goods by the train as prescribed by obtaining a ticket or bill of lading upon payment of such tariff as specified as
Provided that, nothing contained in this Sub-section shall apply where permission has been given by the concerned authority of the railway administration, as prescribed, in the circumstances as prescribed to get into,
travel or transport goods by a train without fare.
(2) If a person gets into, travels or transports goods by, a train in contravention of any matter set forth in Sub-section (1), the person shall be  liable to punishment as follows:
(a) Where a ticket has not been obtained, a fine equal to the amount in question, along with the recovery of such
amount from such a person.
(b) A fine not exceeding Fifty Rupees where any other act has been committed.
(3) The competent concerned railway employee shall recover the amount in question or fine as referred to in Sub-section (2); and if any person does not pay such amount, the employee may get such person and goods, if
any, off the train at the next station, and hand over such person to the concerned police office for instituting case against such person


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