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8. Wound expenses or obsequies expenses

8. Wound expenses or obsequies expenses :

(1) If any person commits any offense punishable under this Act and such act results in any kind of wound
or injury to anyone in the death of any one, the wound expenses or obsequies expenses as follows shall also be recovered from the offender, in addition to the punishment imposed under this Act:
(a) Obsequies expenses to the nearest heir to the deceased where anyone has died, and
(b) Wound expenses to the person who has sustained injury or been wounded in a sum from One Thousand Rupees
to Three Thousand Rupees in the event of mutilation of an organ which though cured cannot function and in a
sum from Five Hundred Rupees to One Thousand  Rupees in the event of mutilation of an organ which can
(2) If a person who is obliged to pay the obsequies expenses or wound expenses pursuant to Sub-section (1) fails to pay the same, the expenses shall be recovered from his or her assets in accordance with the prevailing Nepal
(3) Notwithstanding anything contained in the other prevailing Nepal laws, no ten percent fee shall be charged on the obsequies expenses or wound expenses recovered pursuant to this Action.


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