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2. Definitions

2. Definitions : Unless the subject or context otherwise requires, in this Act:
(a) “Railway” means any railway or any part thereof held or made publicly for the transportation of passengers, animals or goods, and this term also including the following:
(1) Any land of railway which has been fenced or otherwise demarcated,
(2) Line or any part of such line of railway and engine, vehicle plying over it or any goods related thereto,
(3) Railway station, office, godwon, factory, machine, machinery and any other construction work carried out
or use for railway purpose.
(b) “Train” means a public vehicle plying with the help of a machine over the line.
(c) “Railway employee” means any employee appointed for the railway service or work.
(d) “Ticket” means evidence as prescribed indicating the payment of fare as prescribed to travel by a train.
(e) “Bill of lading” means evidence as prescribed indicating the payment of fare as prescribed to transport animals or goods by a train.
(f) “Line” means a line of railway.
(g) “Manager” means the main employee who operates, or causes to be operated, railway smoothly.
(h) “As prescribed” means as prescribed in the Rules framed under this Act.


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