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32. Dismissal from the Service

32. Dismissal from the Service:

(1) If it came to know that any person gets  appointment in the post of Judge by concealing his/her qualification or
disqualification or if the situation as per the Part (A), (E), ((H), (I), (J) or (K) of Section 7 is emerged, the Judicial Council shall recommend to the Chief Justice for immediate dismissal of such judge.
(2) If recommendation is made in accordance with Sub-Section (1), the Chief Justice shall dismiss immediately from the post.
(3) If any Judge, who was appointed by concealing qualification or disqualification, is dismissed in accordance with Sub-Section (2), such Judge shall not be entitled to obtain any other facility except the amount of provident fund and insurance in accordance with prevailing federal laws.
(4)The Council shall write to concerned authority to initiate case in the offence of corruption against the Judge who has been dismissed from his/her post pursuant to Sub-Section (2) due to concealing qualification or disqualification in accordance with prevailing federal laws.


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