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22. To carry out Investigation in the Offence of Corruption and to File Case

22. To carry out Investigation in the Offence of Corruption and to File Case:
(1) The Judicial Council shall assign any Justice of Supreme Court or Judge of High Court work as an Investigation Office in order to carry out the act of investigation pursuant to Sub-Article (6) of Article 153 of the Constitution.
(2) The Investigation Officer as per the Sub-Section (1) may, in respect to carry out the act of investigation over the Judge of High Court or District Court, exercise the powers as conferred on to the Investigation Officer under
the Prevention of Corruption Act, 2059 (2002).
(3) The Investigation Officer shall, if he/she deems necessary, while carrying out investigation pursuant to Sub-Section (2), to initiate case against any Judge of High Court or District Court in the offence of abuse of authority by
corruption, submit report before the Judicial Council by mentioning the same matter.
(4) The Judicial Council shall, if it deems necessary to initiate case on the basis of report received in accordance with Sub-Section (3), make decision in this regard and assign to the Secretary of Judicial Council or any gazetted
officer of Judicial Council to initiate the case on behalf of Judicial Council in the Court as prescribed by Government of Nepal as per the prevailing law for proceeding and adjudication of the case relating to corruption.
(5) The Judicial Council may, before filing case in accordance with Sub- Section (4), get advice from Attorney General in such issue.
(6) The case filed in accordance with this Section shall be defended by Attorney General or sub-ordinate government attorney.
(7) The Judicial Council shall, if involvement of any other person except the Judge has been found in the issue of running case initiated in accordance with this Section, write to concerned body to initiate the case against such person as per the prevailing law.


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