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21. To Provide Opportunity to Defend

21. To Provide Opportunity to Defend:

(1) In case it is observed from the report of inquiry received in accordance with Section 17, 18 and 19 that the
Judge of High Court or District Court, who has been charged is to be punished under the Constitution, this Act or other prevailing laws, the Judicial Council shall, within a reasonable time, give the notice of the same
enclosing the causes and reasons to present his\her clarification.
(2) In case he\she has not presented any clarification within time limit as per the Sub-Section (1) or the clarification so presented by him/her has been found to be unsatisfactory, the Judicial Council shall make recommendation
before the Chief Justice to take action in accordance with Part (C) of Sub- Article (1) of Article 142, Part (C) of Sub-Article (6) of Article 149 to the alleged Judge of High Court or District Court.
Provided however that if it is required to file case as per the prevailing laws, it shall be written to concerned body to file case as per the law.


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