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21. Power to frame Rules

21.1 In order to implement the objectives of this Act, the Trust may frame Rules on the following matters, and the Rules so framed shall come into force after being approval by the Government of Nepal:
21.1.1 With respect to administrative business to be carried out by the Trust;
21.1.2 With respect to financial matters to be carried out by the Trust;
21.1.3 With respect to the remuneration, facilities and conditions of service of the employees of the Trust;

21.1.4 With respect to the functions and affairs of the Lord Pashupatinath Amalkot Kachahari and Treasury;
21.1.5 With respect to performing worships and religious rites in accordance with the traditional rituals of the Lord Pashupatinath and Guheshwori;
21.1.6 With respect to development and construction works within the Pashupati area;
21.1.7 With respect to incomes of trusts within the Pashupati area;
21.1.8 With respect to the operation of God and Goddess temples with the Pashupati area under Chhut Guthi and personal Guthi under the state trusts (Rajguthi);
21.1.9 With respect to other necessary matters.

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