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16. To remain under control of the Government of Nepal

16.1 The forests, jungles and barren lands within the Pashupati area shall remain under control of the Government of Nepal. If any inn (Pati), rest house (Pauwa), rest house for pilgrims (Sattal), shrine, temple and land covered thereby, pond, rivulet sand and forest and jungle within the Pashupati area including the Bankali, Mrigastahli, Tilganga, Kailash Veda Ashram and Dev Udhyan has been registered in the name of any person or body, such registration shall be void. No forest, jungle, barren land controlled by the Government of Nepal shall be provided, whether relinquishing the title thereto or not, to any person or body for possession and use.

16.2 The provision of Sub-section 16.1 shall not be deemed to bar the developing and using, in a planned manner, by the Council of the forests, jungles, barren and cultivated land within the Pashupati area for the purpose of the development of the Pashupati area.


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