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10. Functions, duties and powers of the Council

10.1 The functions, duties and powers of the Council shall be as follows:

10.1.1 To remain effortful for the accomplishment of the objectives of the Trust pursuant to this Act;

10.1.2 To observe, or cause to be observed, guidance to be made by the chairperson from time to time;

10.1.3 To approve a Pashupati area master plan and annual plans29 and corresponding programmes 30….…… and implement, or cause to be implemented, the same;

10.1.431 To make, or cause to be made, arrangements for the operation of various kinds of religious activities,including worships, feasts, festivals and functions as handed down since immemorial in all temples of God and Goddess, including the Lord Pashupatinath temple, under the state trust, within the Pashupati area;

10.1.4A.32 To look after the arrangements of other functions to be performed by the Pashupati Amalkot Kachahari, Treasury Office of Lord Pashupati and Treasury Office of Jayabageshowri, except in relation to cultivated lands, to formulate policies on the functions of these bodies and give necessary directions to them;

10.1.4B.33 To carry out, organize, or cause to be carried out, organized, study, research works, workshops, symposia etc. from time to time in relation to the operation of affairs according to religious rites and rituals and the development of the Pashupati area;

10.1.4C.34 To make arrangements for the protection of the Lord Pashupatinath temple and all kinds of houses, lands, shrines, temples, rest houses for pilgrims, inns related with the God and Goddess, within the Pashupati area;

10.1.4D.35 To prepare an inventory of shrines, temples, rest houses for pilgrims, inns, stone taps, yards, gardens, forests within the Pashupati area, and barren and cultivated lands which are related with the Lord Pashupatinath and all Gods and Goddesses under all kinds of trusts and within or outside the Pashupati area;

10.1.4E.36 To fix rent, Raitan contract, rental fee or in-kind or cash tariff from time to time on the basis of use and enjoyment of the trust land of the Lord Pashupatinath;

10.1.5 To make necessary arrangements for financial resources required to implement plans and programmes;

10.1.6 To form various committees and sub-committees within37 or outside Nepal for the accomplishment of the objectives of the Trust;

10.1.7 To formulate policies for the various committees and sub-committees formed pursuant to Sub-section 10.1.6 and give necessary direction or guidance and appraise and review their functions;

10.1.8 Taking into account of the planning of Pashupati area and the importance, value and sensitivity of any specific place within the Pashupati area, to specify prohibited activities within such places and forbid and control such activities;

10.1.9 To get the concerned bodies and persons to implement, as promptly as possible, the activities required to be carried out for the accomplishment of the objectives of the Trust pursuant to this Act;

10.1.1038 To cause participation of the local units and people in the implementation of plans and programmes and giveclear information to the general people from time to time in such a manner as to avoid any illusion and confusion on the people about the plans and programmes to be implemented;

10.1.1139 In the course of carrying out planned development of the Pashupati area, to main clean environment by making construction, maintenance, repair and sanitation in a well-planned manner;

10.1.1240 To well manage other basis public utilities such as drinking water, sewerage, water exit, electricity, telephone, roads etc., and adopt regular and effective procedures in order to avoid filth and dirt and maintain cleanliness.

10.1.1341 To arrange also for plantation, forests, gardens, grounds, wildlife and forest heritages within the Pashupati area;

10.1.1442 To protect and maintain, in a well-managed manner, yards, funeral grounds/pyres, watercourse of rivers, river substances, water courses, sand etc. within the Pashupati area;

10.1.1543 To prepare necessary standards to avoid pollution and maintain clean environment within the Pashupati area, and enforce the standards by obtaining approval from the Government of Nepal;

10.1.1644 To make publicity and mobilize public participation through appropriate means in order to bring about extensive public awareness and safeguard and utilize the Pashupati area as a place of pilgrimage;

10.1.1745 To carry out activities such as to prescribe necessary standards in relation to construction works to be done within the Pashupati area, and obtain houses and lands through the Government of Nepal and set aside lands for various purposes;

10.1.1846 To make transparent, as prescribed, donations, offerings, gifts offered to the Lord Pashupatinath and the shrines and temples within the Pashupati area and have the same credited to the Trust;

10.1.1947 To use such portion of the incomes of the Trust as prescribed in social and benevolent activities such as education, health and environment protection.


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  • Are you ready to travel the globe? In Bingo Blitz online game, you get to explore the world’s greatest cities and collect interesting artifacts as you go. Take an adventurous journey across our world map and discover unique board designs and serene sound effects for each gorgeous city. Make your globe-trotting dreams a reality by touring your way across our planet’s most impressive sights and landmarks. Take a vacation on the daily by playing free online Bingo Blitz. Ready to try the Cleopatra online slot? Play it as one of the VegasSlotsOnline free slots or for real money at one of our top new casinos. The point behind a mobile app is that you can have access to hundreds of offline slots, all from the point of one area on your phone. It contains a whole roster of games to play without the need to access anything else or going to other third parties. Wolf Magic by Interlab Arts Ltd and House of Fun by Playtica are great apps to download to get a taste of free slots games to play offline.
    The PowerUP Roulette live casino game show is a highly anticipated take on the classic Roulette game, with up to five PowerUP bonus rounds providing additional chances to win. Other than Revolution Casino, we also have 9 more online casinos to share with you that can pretend for best new online casino status. You can find them all by visiting our best new online casinos page – here you’ll find our other new casino picks for December 2023! Be aware that AllGemCasinos is being operated by an independent player collective, therefore all the content published on our website has no legal standing. Our experts only share personal experience with selected online casinos and their relevant services. AllGemCasinos is not an online casino operator nor a provider of online gambling in any form!

  • Prices and percentage changes are for information purposes only and in no way reflect Coinsquare Ltd.’s speculation of market direction. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Please find our Risk Disclosure statement here. Functioning on a blockchain, much like its counterparts, Dogecoin is fortified by cryptographic means. It’s particularly noted for its brisk transaction times coupled with modest fees, positioning it as a go-to for small-scale transfers. Beyond its technological facets, the Dogecoin fraternity is renowned for its philanthropic endeavours. Memorable acts encompass funding the Jamaican bobsleigh contingent, initiating water projects in Kenya, and endorsing NASCAR racer, Josh Wise. However, where is the best place to buy Dogecoin? This is an important question for many reasons. Mainly, cryptocurrency is a fairly new investment opportunity that most traders are unfamiliar with. This raises questions and concerns about its potential and overall security.
    6 Top NFT Artists To Hire on Fiverr NewsBTC is a cryptocurrency news service that covers bitcoin news today, technical analysis & forecasts for bitcoin price and other altcoins. Here at NewsBTC, we are dedicated to enlightening everyone about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The concept of ‘the Metaverse’ has existed long before cryptocurrency was a thing, dating back to the 1980s and 1990s when books and movies discussed it. However, the emergence of online worlds such as Runescape sped up the growth of Metaverses and culminated in the launch of NFT characters called ‘Cryptopunks’ in 2017. This caused NFTs to become popular and led to the launch of Decentraland, the first proper blockchain-based world. Since Decentraland launched, more and more cryptos have sprung up, and there are now tens (if not hundreds) to choose from.

  • Start playing to win big Want to try out the games available at this casino without putting your hard earned money at stake? You get a chance to spin the reels of the games at this casino without spending anything from your pocket with Miami Club casino No deposit bonus offers. All you need to do is keep checking the promotions lobby to make sure you don’t miss any of these bonuses or your registered email IDs where eligible players are sent no deposit bonus codes directly! You could never go wrong with Miami Club Casino when it comes to offers and promotions. You could never go wrong with Miami Club Casino when it comes to offers and promotions. Get ready to jump into the action with a staggering 8 Deposit Bonuses welcoming new players. Unique promotions and Bonuses are available every day for existing player who can take advantage of great offers to boost an excellent starting point. Free Slot Tournaments are a big hit with players with free cash given away to the top players on a daily basis.
    We go through a 25-step review process for each and every online casino we recommend, starting by ensuring that they have a proper license from a respected jurisdiction. Sites must be licensed in the US state in which they operate, while the best online gambling sites are licensed in places like Malta, Gibraltar, Alderney, or the UK too. We also like to know that every casino site is secure and has fully encrypted software using SSL. Finally, we perform a background check on the company to see where it’s registered and investigate their online presence. Once you’ve gathered your info and are ready to create an account, go to the homepage of the site where you want to play. If you’re unsure what site is best for you, take a look at our top casino sites list or our top poker sites list for help!

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