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Chapter 10 Miscellaneous

Chapter 10 Miscellaneous
30. Not to provide Affiliation : The Academy shall not provide an affiliation to any educational institution.

31. To Act in Accordance with National Health and Education Policy : It shall be the duty of the Academy to act in accordance with the National Health and Education Policy approved by Government of Nepal.

32. Provision relating to Reservation :

(1) The Academy shall manage the reservation of at least Forty-five percent to be admitted in every educational calendar upto Bachelor’s degree in every level to the Nepali student who permanently residing in backward area and
passes School Leaving Certificate from Community School of such backward area.
(2) The Academy shall manage the reservation as prescribed in the admission in Master’s degree level to the Nepali student who permanently residing in backward area and passes School Leaving Certificate from Community School of such backward area and received higher education from Higher Secondary School or educational institution of such area.
(3) The priority shall be provided to women, dalit, aadibasi/janjati, madhesi and backward class student in the reserved quota as referred to in Sub-sections (1) and (2).
(4) The student shall be selected for reservation as referred to in Sub-section (1) on competition.

33. Priority shall be given to the students in admission :

(1) The Academy shall provide priority to the persons who have served in the Health Institution of remote area for the prescribed period while admitting students at various level.

34. Scholarship shall be provided :

(1) The Academy shall provide full scholarship at least Twenty percent of the total student admitted in every educational calendar to poor students.
Explanation : For the purpose of this Section “Poor” means the student who studied and passed School Leaving Certificate from Governmental/Community School and recommended as poor from Village Development Committee or Municipality on prescribed grounds.
(2) The Twenty percent as referred to in Sub-section (1) shall count as cent percent and only Forty-five percent of such cent percent scholarship shall be provided to women, dalit, adibasi/janjati, madhesi and backward area student.
(3) The Academy may provide partial scholarship to poor student.
(4) The grounds of providing scholarship as referred to in Sub- sections (1) and (2) shall be as prescribed.
(5) Any institution or association may provide scholarship to any student to study in the Academy.

35. To serve in the prescribed place :

(1) The student who studies in  the Academy in scholarship or reservation as per this Act shall have
to serve in the remote area upto a prescribed period.
(2) If an institution or association prescribes a condition to a student studied in the scholarship provided by such institution or association to serve in a place for a specified period, he/she shall have to serve as per such condition and if such condition is not prescribed one shall has to serve as referred to in Sub-section (1).
(3) The student, admitted in the Academy in priority as referred to in Section 33, shall have to work in the remote area upto a period as prescribed by the Academy.
(4) The Academy shall award permanent educational certificate to student when one serves full period as referred to in Sub-sections (1), (2) and (3) who studied in the reservation pursuant  to Sub-section (1) and (2) of Section 32 and priority or scholarship pursuant to Section 33 and 34.
(5) The Academy may make necessary arrangements to the students to encourage to serve in the health institution of remote areas after their study besides the student who studied in reservation, priority or scholarship pursuant to Sections 32, 33 and 34.

36. Annual report :

(1) The Academy shall submit its annual report stating its functions and activities within a year to the Government of
Nepal within Three months of the expiry of every fiscal year.
(2) The report as referred to in Sub-section (1) shall include brief details of the functions performed with in a year and achievements of the Academy in addition to other details.

37. Delegation of powers : (1) The Senate may delegate any of the powers conferred to it under this Act to the Academic Council, Executive Council or the Vice-Chancellor.
(2) The Academic Council, Executive Council or Selection Committee may delegate any of the powers conferred to it under this Act to any Officials or any subordinate bodies.

38. Act not to be invalid : Where an act has been done after the vacancy of a post of any official or member of the Academy or on occurrence of any error in the appointment of official or member,
such act of the Academy shall not be invalid merely on such ground.

39. May provide Direction : The Government of Nepal may give  direction in relation of the functions and activities of the Academy and the Academy shall have a duty to abide by such direction.

40. Liaison with Government of Nepal : Ministry of Health and Population shall liaison the Academy with the Government of Nepal.

41. Oath to be taken : The Officials of the Academy shall have to take an oath prior to holding the office in the prescribed format.

42. Employee may remain in the Academy : (1) If an employee of the Nepal Health Service serving in the Karnali Zonal Hospital, Jumla at the time of commencement of this Act desires to serve in the Hospital, he/she shall submit an application within Six months of the commencement of Service Rules framed hereunder to the
Ministry of Health and Population.
(2) If the Government of Nepal provides an approval to remain as an employee of the Academy to the employee who submits an application pursuant to Sub-section (1), he/she shall be deemed to be an employee of the Academy.
(3) The period served in the Health Service by an employee who wants to remain as an employee of the Academy pursuant to Sub-section (2) shall be counted as a service period of the Academy.

43. Power to Frame Rules : For the implementation of the objectives of this Act, the Academy may frame necessary Rules. Provided that, consent of the Government of Nepal shall be obtained while making Rules on matters involving financial burden on the Government of Nepal.

44. Repeal and Savings :

(1) The Karnali Zonal Hospital Development Committee (Formation) Order, 2068 (2011) is, hereby, repealed.
(2) The teachers and employee served in the Development  Committee pursuant to Sub-section (1) shall be deemed to have been transferred in equal post and level of the Academy.
(3) All functions and proceedings performed as per Order pursuant to Sub-section (1) shall be deemed to have been performed under this Act.
(4) The movable, immovable property, transactions, loans, assets as well and rights and obligations as per Order pursuant to Sub-section (1) shall be deemed to have been devolved on the Academy.
(5) The Committee constituted as per the Order pursuant to Sub-section (1) shall carry out functions of the Hospital
Management Committee till the constitution of the Hospital Management Committee pursuant to this Act.


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