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Chapter 5 Constitution, Functions, Duties and Powers of Executive Council

Chapter 5 Constitution, Functions, Duties and Powers of Executive Council
11. Constitution of Executive Council :

(1) There shall be an Executive Council to act as the executive body of the Academy.
(2) The Executive Council shall be constituted as follows:
(a) Vice-Chancellor Chairperson
(b)  Rector Member

(c) One person from amongst the Deans  Member
(d) One person from amongst the Chiefs of the Educational Institutions who is a member of
Senate  Member
(e) Director Member
(f) One person from amongst the Teachers Member
(g) Registrar Member- Secretary
(3) The members as referred to in Clauses (c), (d) and (f) of Sub-section (2) shall be nominated by the Pro-chancellor on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor.
(4) The tenure of office of the nominated members as referred to in Sub-section (2) shall be Three years.
(5) Procedures relating to the meetings of the Executive Council shall be as prescribed.

12. Functions, Duties and Powers of the Executive Council :

The functions, duties and powers of the Executive Council shall be as  follows:
(a) To execute or cause to execute the decisions and directives of the Senate,
(b) To prepare draft of the Rules relating to the Academy and submit them to the Senate for approval,
(c) To prepare policies, plans, annual programmes, progress report, annual budget, audit report and other resolutions and introduce them to the Senate for approval,
(d) To evaluate and monitor the functions carried out by the bodies under the Academy and to direct such bodies as per necessity,
(e) To operate, look after and protect, sell, or lease or contract the fund and movable and immovable property of the
Academy subject to the policy, guidelines of the Senate, Provided that, prior approval of the Government of
Nepal shall be taken to sell the immovable property which was received from the Government of Nepal.
(f) To appoint and promote teachers and employees necessary for the Academy on the recommendation of the Selection Committee,
(g) To accept various kind of assistance to the Academy,
(h) To carry out other functions as prescribed


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