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Chapter-2 Constitution of health service

Chapter-2 Constitution of health service
3. Constitution of health service : A service named Nepal Health Service is hereby constituted.
4.  Class and class adjustment :

(1) There shall be the following classes in the health service:

Officer Assistant
Twelfth Fifth
Eleventh Fourth
Tenth Third

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in Sub-section (1), if the third class does not have any employee, that class shall lapse.
(3) The employees serving in the first and second classes of the  Nepal health service at the time of commencement of this Section shall be adjusted to the third class.
(4) The non-gazette third class employees appointed pursuant to the Civil Service Act, 2049 (1993) prior to 14 Jestha 2054 shall be adjusted to the fourth class.

5. Posts of service :

(1) There shall be technical posts including the expert posts in different classes of the health service. The titles of such posts shall be as prescribed.
(2) The Government of Nepal shall prepare the job description of each level of the health service. Such job description shall clearly specify, inter alia, the functions, duties, responsibilities and powers of
the concerned post.

6. Medical systems under the health service :

(1) There shall be the following medical systems in the health service:
(a) Aellopathy Medical System,
(b) Ayurved Medical System,
(c) Homeopathy Medical System.
(2) In addition to the medical systems mentioned in Sub-section (1), the Government of Nepal may, by a Notification in the Nepal Gazette, prescribe other medical system. 4

7. Groups and sub-groups :

(1) There may also be different groups and sub-groups as prescribed in the health service.
(2) The minimum qualifications required for different posts in the groups and sub-groups of the health service shall be as prescribed.


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