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(Relating to Section 21)
Government of Nepal
Ministry of Works and Transport
Department of Transport Management
……………………. Transport Management Office
Ref. No.:
Dispatch No.: Branch: Date:
Reference No. and date of received letter:
Re: Provisional number.
Based on the application made by…………person/firm/company to this Office and the evidences accompanied by the application, a provisional number has been given to the motor vehicle with the following description for the prescribed period.
1. Name, surname and address of the owner of motor vehicle:
2. Provisional number given:
3. Period of provisional number:
4. Customs proof:
5. Manufacturer of motor vehicle:
6. Type of motor vehicle:
7. Cylinder number:
8. Horse power (CC):
9. Chassis number:
10. Engine number:
11. Color of motor vehicle:
12. Seat capacity (including the driver):
13. Weight:
14. Petrol/diesel:
15. Old plate number of motor vehicle


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