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Chapter-5 Provisions relating to conductor license

Chapter-5 Provisions relating to conductor license
63. Prohibition on working as conductor without obtaining license: No person shall work as a conductor in any public motor vehicle without obtaining a conductor license.

64. Prohibition on engaging as conductor: No owner or manager of a public motor vehicle shall engage any person, who has not obtained a conductor license, as a conductor.

65. Disqualification for conductor: The following person shall be disqualified for obtaining a conductor license:
(a) Who has not attained the age of 18 years;
(b) Who cannot generally read and write;
(c) Who fails to produce a certificate of physical fitness.

66. Application for the conductor license:

(1) If a person who does not suffer from any disqualification as referred to in Section 65 intends to obtain the
conductor license to work as a conductor in a public motor vehicle, the person shall have to make an application in the prescribed format to the competent authority.
(2) The applicant shall have to attach with the application as referred to in Sub-section (1) the fees prescribed for the conductor license, three copies of the recently taken passport size photographs of him or her, a
certified copy of the citizenship certificate, physical fitness certificate issued by a medical doctor recognized by the Government of Nepal.

67. Issuance of conductor license:

(1) Upon receipt of an application made for the conductor license pursuant to Section 66, the competent authority shall hold necessary inquiry into the matter; and, upon such inquiry, if the competent authority finds the information accompanied with the application to be correct, the competent authority shall issue a conductor license to the applicant in the format set forth in Schedule-6. The person who has so obtained the conductor license shall bear the responsibility of properly mobilizing the public motor vehicle involved in the transport service, in
which he or she works.
(2) The conductor license issued pursuant to Sub-section (1) shall remain valid until five years from the date of its issue.

68. Renewal of conductor license:

(1) A conductor license shall have to be renewed within three months from the date of expiration of the period
mentioned in the license pursuant to Sub-section (2) of Section 67.
(2) A conductor shall have to submit the conductor license, accompanied by the prescribed fees, to the competent authority for the renewal of the conductor license within the period specified in Sub-section (1).
(3) If a conductor license is submitted for its renewal pursuant to Sub- section (2), the competent authority shall renew such a conductor license for upto another five years.
(4) If a conductor license is submitted for its renewal after the expiration of the period as mentioned in Sub-section (1), the conductor license shall be renewed upon collecting from the conductor additional fees
equal to the amount thereof if the period of such expiration is within one year, two hundred percent of the amount if within two years, three hundred percent if within three years, four hundred percent if within four years and
five hundred percent if within five years, in addition to the renewal fees.

69. Ipso facto revocation of conductor license:

(1) A conductor license which is not renewed even until the period specified in Sub-section (4) of Section
68 shall ipso facto be revoked.
(2) A conductor license which is revoked pursuant to Sub-section (1) shall be obliterated from the register.
(3) No conductor license which has already been obliterated from the register pursuant to Sub-section (2) shall be renewed.

70. Information of change, if any, in the address of conductor:

(1) If the permanent address of a conductor is changed, the conductor shall give information thereof to the competent authority within one month thereof.
(2) Upon receipt of the information pursuant to Sub-section (1), the competent authority shall cause to enter also the new address of the conductor in the register.

71. Power to suspend conductor license: If it is proved that a conductor has violated the terms required to be observed by the conductor under this Act or the Rules framed hereunder in more than five occasions, the competent
authority may suspend the conductor license of such a conductor for upto six months.

72. Power to revoke conductor license:

(1) If any conductor is proved to be under any disqualification mentioned in Section 65, the competent authority
may revoke the conductor license of such a driver and order him or her to surrender the license.
(2) The driver shall have to surrender his or her driving license to the competent authority within seven days of the receipt of the order given under Sub-section (1).

73. Issuance of duplicate copy of conductor license:

(1) If the conductor license is lost or is destroyed due to any other reason, the conductor shall have to make an application, in the prescribed format, accompanied by the  prescribed fees, ⊗ to the concerned competent authority for a duplicate copy of the conductor license, no later than seven days after the date of such loss  or destroy.
(2) If the contents are found correct upon necessary examination made in relation to the application made pursuant to Sub-section (1), the competent authority shall issue a duplicate copy of such a conductor license to the  conductor.
(3) The competent authority shall give information of the issuance of a duplicate copy of the conductor license pursuant to Sub-section (2) to the concerned police office.


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