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60. As Soon after the commencement of this Act as expedient, the Government shall provide for universal, free, compulsory, elementary education, and technical and higher education will be provided by the State to the extent necessary to prepare candidates for wide opportunities of service of the people of Nepal. In addition, the State
will provide as far as possible for the elimination of illiteracy. The aim of educational institutions shall be good moral training, personal and vocational efficiency and the development of the spirit of nationality and international friendliness.

61. The Government shall have the authority to raise loans for the development of the State or in times of emergency, provided that it shall lay this information before the Legislative Assembly at its next meeting.


(a) Shree Teen Maharaja shall appoint an Auditor General (Pradhan Janchakee) to audit the income and expenditure of the state pursuant to the Rule made by the Government.He shall only be appointed and removed from office in like manner and on like grounds as a judge of the Pradhan Nyayalaya.

(b) The Auditor-General shall submit to Shree Teen Maharaja a report, relating to the accounts of the State, for being laid before the both Chambers of the Legislative Assembly.
63. All acts and contracts made by the Council of Ministers in exercise of its executive authority shall be expressed on behalf of the Government of Nepal.
64. (a) The Government shall frame Rules implementing and elucidating this Act, especially with regard to fundamental rights,panchayats, judiciary, auditors, education, recruitment,promotions and transfers for the civil and military service and for the purpose of safeguarding the interests of public servants and the armed forces and for all matters not provided for in the Act.
(b) The Government shall also frame Rules regarding the qualifications of the voters and candidates, delimitations of
constituencies, and other matters relating to election.

65. (a) There shall be a Darkhasta Parishad (Public Service Commission), constituted by Shree Teen Maharaja for the
propose of recruiting the qualified candidates.
(b) It shall consist of such members as may be appointed by Shree Teen Maharaja for the purpose together with representatives of departments where vacancies may have occurred.
(c) It shall be the duty of the Public Service Commission within the Rules to be framed under this Act to examine the fitness and qualifications of candidates for government service and to submit their recommendation.

66. Whereas difficulties may arise in relation to the implementation of this  Act for the first time, Shree Teen Maharaja may issue such orders as may be necessary for removing the difficulties and implementing the
provision of this Act.
67. Any disagreement e about the interpretation of any of the provisions of this Act or Rules framed thereunder, shall be referred to the Chief Judicial Committee which shall give its judgment within two months from the date of reference. This judgment shall be deemed final for all purposes.

68. (a) At the expiration of seven years from the commencement of this Act or if possible earlier as Shree Teen Maharaja, in his sole discretion, may determine, Shree Teen Maharaja shall appoint a Commission. As near half of the members as possible shall be elected by the Legislative Assembly for the purpose of enquiring into the working of the Government, the growth of education, and development of representative institutions, and matters connected
report as to whether and to what extent it is desirable to extend, modify or restrict the degree of constitutional advance then existing therein. The Commission shall also enquire into the report on any other matter which may
be referred to the Commission by Shree Teen Maharaja. Shree Teen Maharaja shall, on report of that Commission, take such action as may be deemed necessary and desirable for implementing the recommendations of the said Commission.