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Chapter-7 Miscellaneous


  1. To provide from the Fund: The victim shall be provided compensation in a reasonable amount from the Fund for the damage sustained as a result of any offence committed by a perpetrator who does not have to bear the criminal liability due to his or her age, mental unsoundness, diplomatic immunity and any other reason.
  2. To claim for compensation: While making prosecution in any offence, the victim of first grade, victim of second grade and family victim shall have to make an explicit claim for compensation to be obtained by them.
  3. To provide information: The concerned body or authority who is involved in the proceedings of such matters or who maintains the records of such information or who has the access to such information shall provide such information to the body or authority who has the duty to provide information to the victim pursuant to this Act.
  4. To give a notice of final hearing: (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in the prevailing law, the court shall give a notice of final hearing of the case related to the offence to the concerned Government Attorney Office in advance of at least seven days.

(2) After receiving information pursuant to sub-section (1), the Government Attorney Office shall, as promptly as possible, give information of final hearing to the concerned victim to the extent possible.

  1. Modes of giving notice to the victim: The concerned body or authority who has the duty to give a notice to the victim pursuant to this Act may give it in writing, orally, by telephone or electronic means so that it will remain in the record, as required.
  2. Power to appoint representative: For the enjoyment or enforcement of the rights of the victim conferred by this Act, the victim may appoint his or her representative or attorney pursuant to the prevailing law, and when so appointed, the victim shall be deemed to have enjoyed or enforced his or her rights through such a representative or attorney.
  3. Power to frame Rules: The Government of Nepal may, in consultation with the Committee, frame necessary rules for the implementation of the objectives of this Act.
  4. Power to make directives: The Government of Nepal may, subject to this Act or the Rules framed under this Act, make necessary directives in relation to the provision of compensation to the victims.