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Chapter-4 Privacy Relating to Property

  1. To have privacy of property: (1) Every person shall have the right to keep his or her property and details relating to such property confidential.

(2) No person shall enter, in an unauthorized manner, into other’s house, land, vehicle or other property without permission or consent of the owner of such property.

(3) The public body or body corporate or any employee working in such a body that keeps the details relating to the property of a person or that can have information thereof shall not inform anyone else, or publish or cause the details of property of any person published in any way, without the consent of the concerned person.

(4) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-section (1) or (3), when the details of property is demanded in accordance with the order of authorized official in the course of investigation of any offence, or when demand is made by the court in the context of the case filed against any person on the same issue, the concerned agency, body corporate or official that maintains the records of the details of property shall provide such record.