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Chapter-9 Miscellaneous

  1. To obtain approval of Ministry: (1) Approval of the Ministry shall be obtained in order to collect the human biological sample and before taking such sample outside the country.

(2) The Ministry may, for the purpose of sub-section (1), make and apply necessary standards and procedures.

  1. To maintain records: It shall be the duty of the chief of the concerned health institution to make arrangement to safely maintain the records of every service recipient, as prescribed, who receives service from the health institution.
  2. To submit report: (1) Each health institution shall submit the report to the body that issues the license every year as prescribed, by including the details of the service provided by it.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-section (1), the concerned Province and Local Levels shall forward the integrated report  of the services provided by the health institutions in operation upon obtaining the license from the Province and Local Levels, on the basis of the report received from the health institutions pursuant to sub-section (1) to the Ministry.

(3) While forwarding the report pursuant to sub-section (2), the details of the programs relating to public health conducted by the Province and Local Levels, under the prevailing the, shall also be included.

(4) The Ministry may issue directives as necessary on the basis of the report received pursuant to sub-section (2).

  1. To be in accordance with prevailing law: The matters contained in this Act shall be governed by this Act and the matters not contained in this Act shall be in accordance with the prevailing law.
  2. Delegation of authority: The authorized official may delegate some of the powers conferred to him or her pursuant to this Act to any official as per necessity.
  3. Power to frame rules: The Government of Nepal may frame necessary rules in order to implement this Act.
  4. Power to make standards, directives or procedures: The Ministry may make necessary standards, directives or procedures subject to this Act or the rules framed under this Act.