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Chapter-7 Miscellaneous

  1. To form sub-committee or task force: (1) The Committee may form a sub-committee or task force, as necessary, in order to implement this Act.

                        (2) The terms of reference of the sub-committee or task force formed pursuant to sub-section (1) shall be as specified by the Committee.

  1. Monitoring and supervision: The Ministry, Province and Local Level shall regularly carry out monitoring and supervision of the programs to be conducted pursuant to this Act.
  2. Annual report: (1) The Ministry shall prepare and submit the annual report of the activities performed within every fiscal year to the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, within three months of the completion of the fiscal year.

(2) The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers shall publish the report submitted pursuant to sub-section (1).

  1. Power to frame Rules: The Government of Nepal may frame necessary Rules in order to implement this Act.
  2. To make directives and procedures: The Ministry may, subject to this Act or the Rules framed under this Act, make and implement directives and procedures, as required.