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Chapter-13 Miscellaneous


58.      Protection Officer: The Local Level may designate an employee as the Protection Officer for the functions, including the protection of the rights of the persons with disabilities.

  1. Power to operate mobile services: The Ministry shall operate, or cause to be operated, mobile services as prescribed for the provision of the services, facilities …………. referred to in this Act and the rules framed hereunder to the persons with disabilities in an easy manner.
  2. Power to frame Rules: The Government of Nepal may, in order to carry out the objectives of this Act, frame necessary Rules.
  3. Power to make procedures and directives: The Ministry may make and implement necessary procedures or directives for the implementation of this Act, subject to this Act and the Rules framed hereunder.
  4. Power to make alteration in Schedule: The Ministry may as required make an alteration in the Schedule, by a notification in the Nepal Gazette.
  5. Repeal and saving: (1) The Protection and Welfare of Disabled Persons Act, 2038 (1983) is hereby repealed.

(2) All the acts and actions done and taken pursuant to the Protection and Welfare of Disabled Persons Act, 2038 (1983) shall be deemed to have been done and taken pursuant to this Act.