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Chapter-8 Miscellaneous

  1. To appoint or designate Inspection Officer: (1) The Ministry may, in order to carry out the implementation of this Act and monitoring of the matters relating to food effectively, appoint or designate any employee having the qualification as prescribed, as the Inspection Officer, as necessary.

(2) Other matters relating to the Inspection Officer referred to in sub-section (1) shall be as prescribed.

  1. Liaison with Government of Nepal: The Council shall, while making liaison with the Government of Nepal, make liaison through the Ministry.
  2. Power to frame rules: The Government of Nepal may frame necessary rules in order to implement this Act.
  3. To formulate procedures and directives: (1) The Ministry may formulate necessary procedures or directives under this Act and the rules framed under this Act.

(2) The procedures or directives formulated pursuant to sub-section (1) shall be made public.