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The Act Relating to Rights of Persons with Disabilities, 2074 (2017)


Date of Publication in the Nepal Gazette

2074.6.29 (15 October 2017)

Amending Act

The Act Relating to Rights of Persons with Disabilities

(First Amendment), 2075 (2018)                                            2075.6.2 (18 September 2018)

Act No.25 of the year 2074 (2017)

An Act Made to Provide for the Amendment and Consolidation of Laws Relating to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


Whereas, it is expedient to amend and consolidate laws relating to rights of persons with disabilities in order to respect their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights by doing away with discrimination against persons with disabilities and to ensure the environment that enables persons with disabilities to earn self-reliant and respectful living by empowering persons with disabilities and getting them to have participation in the process of policy making, and development;

Now, therefore, be it enacted by the Legislature-Parliament pursuant to clause (1) of Article 296 of the Constitution of Nepal.